The beauty industry is as old as civilization itself. For centuries, people have been looking for ways to improve and even alter their appearance. From pearl powder to mud baths, we’ve been experimenting with ingredients and procedures that promise smooth, youthful skin and the confidence that comes with it. Fast forward a few centuries and not only did the industry develop with technology; it also expanded exponentially. There are literally millions of products, brands, treatments and procedures that promise the same thing: smooth, youthful skin. 

"Social media has made information accessible to everyone and the rise of the influencer meant that all of a sudden, a big following awarded expert status where it was not necessarily due."


In this world where skincare information is in excess, it can be confusing for the consumer: “Should I use oils on my skin? What is clean beauty? Is honey good for acne? Can I make a facemask with an avocado? Are high-quality products expensive? How do I know what my skin type is? Can I reduce pigmentation?” These and other questions all get answered, and the answers are often all different. 

There is, however, a tried and tested, full-proof way to ensure skin health. Let’s start at the beginning: Clarify the real goal. Porcelain smooth, flawless skin vs healthy, happy skin. The moment the focus shifts to nourishing, treating and enjoying your skin is when one starts to appreciate the process. Some of us won the genetic lottery when it comes to skin, while others – well, not so much. But healthy skin is accessible to everyone, with the right products, containing the right blend of ingredients that is applied consistently. 

Secondly, understand that a holistic approach is the only way to achieve real results. There are no quick fixes, wonder products, magic pills or serums that will transform skin immediately. Those are called filters… 



The Skin Fit Philosophy is truly simple: 

  • Find high-quality products, that use ingredients with purpose to target skin concerns on a molecular level. 
  • Be diligent and consistent with your skincare regimen. 
  • Commit to a treatment plan if you’re struggling with a specific skin concern and prioritise this.
  • Simple, efficient routine that is easy to stick to is often much more effective than layering loads of products. 
  • Focus on hybrid products that provide multiple benefits  Find a reliable therapist or a source that you trust for advice



When you cultivate love and respect for your skin, taking care of it becomes an absolute pleasure and you’ll be rewarded with the confidence that inevitably comes with healthy, happy skin. 

Written by Gunther Oliver

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