The Curator 

Günther Oliver, better known as The Skin Medic, has a cult-like following. His wealth of knowledge results from over 20 years of experience in the aesthetic space. After working his way up through the ranks, locally and abroad, and sharing his passion with future estheticians as a trainer, he opened his own practice in 2010. Günther quickly gained a reputation as one of South Africa's top skincare experts, and he currently runs practices in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. 

Once you become his client, you won’t easily leave. With expert advice and a bespoke skin solution combined with his unique signature style, he has been transforming skin - And the results truly speak for themselves. Günther’s unwavering commitment to science-backed skincare and 
his deep understanding of skin types and subsequent needs are at the heart of every  treatment and product he recommends. 

He ensures that he is up to date with the latest international trends and equipment and brings a transformative skin experience to South African shores. From growth factor induction therapy to specialised chemical peels and needling, Günther's passion for knowing more and providing the best service is evident through his constant recurrent training, the introduction of new treatments and extensive product knowledge. 

As a results-driven therapist, he is in relentless pursuit of the ultimate glow for his clients. He holds them to the highest standards when it comes to homecare routines and believes in a simple yet effective skin regimen. The equation is not complicated: "Consistent care with the right products." That is the basis on which he founded Skin Fit.