Welcome to Skin Fit 

Hand-picked + expertly curated. Just for you.


Skin Fit features a curated collection of products - tried, tested and adored by Günther. Combining science with self-care, the idea was born to create a space to shop bespoke, indulgent skincare backed up by science.

The skincare industry is overwhelmingly abundant - There are, quite literally, millions of brands and products from which to choose. Making the right decision for your specific skin type has become exceedingly difficult. The multitude of products can either result in analysis paralysis - or you can buy too many products, which eventually end up in the bottom of a drawer - and expired. Skin Fit aims to declutter the confusion, so you can spoil your skin with peace of mind.


 The goal is to have an effortless online experience. You can rest assured that all products are hand-picked by Günther, meticulously curated and expertly assessed to bring world-class skincare to your door.


Skin Fit is focused on minimalism with hybrid products that truly benefit the skin. Günther is known for his focussed approach and brings this to life through a bespoke selection of his favourite products.