AGE serum

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This luxurious serum is brimming with active natural biotechnology ingredients that not only nourish and rejuvenate your skin's natural microflora but also work to visibly diminish the signs of ageing. Kombucha contributes to a younger, brighter, refreshed complexion, while Saccharomyces lysate extract stimulates cell activation by promoting collagen and elastin synthesis. Zymomonas ferment extract has a prebiotic action, assisting in restoring the skin's microflora and contributing to protecting and strengthening the skin barrier. Citrus-derived bioflavonoid enhances microcirculation and combats the effects of stress, fatigue, cold climate, and lack of sleep. The Peptide complex contains a powerful combination of tri- and tetra-peptides that have a smoothing effect on expression lines. Wild olive stem cells activate energy rejuvenation cycles, resulting in amazing anti-wrinkle, firming, and repairing benefits. 

The serum helps to replenish water from outside the skin while retaining water from inside using a 4D Hyaluronic acid complex with a direct improvement in skin elasticity. 




  • Apply in the morning and/or evening as part of your home care routine
  • Use the contents of one dropper ( taking care not to touch the dropper to the skin)
  • Gently massage the skin of the face and neck in circular movements

Why I recommend it

This serum is one of the most potent anti-ageing products, formulated with two anti-ageing powerhouse tri- and tetra-peptides, which help to firm and restore the skin’s youthful metabolism. 


Pro tip

Use with pHformula POST recovery plus for the ultimate age-defying combination. 


Product Size

36 ml


Key Ingredients 


Saccharomyces lysate extract

Zymomonas ferment extract

Citrus-derived bioflavonoid

Peptide complex

Wild olive stem cells

4D hyaluronic acid complex