ACTIV RETINOL 0.5 Age Defence Serum

R 1,215.00

Product Info

This unique serum is formulated with the optimum concentration of retinol to prevent the appearance and signs of skin ageing. The Retinol complex works its magic by boosting collagen production to combat signs of photoaging while skin texture is improved. Combined with a potent cocktail including antioxidants and ceramides, it also helps to protect and strengthen the skin while helping it to regenerate faster. The synergic combination of two powerful vitamins, C and E, adds to the protection against photoaging. The skin’s natural skin radiance appears restored, and fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced. 


  • Apply to the face and neck in the evening as part of your homecare routine. Avoid the eye contour area.

Why I recommend it

It’s no secret that retinol is one of my all-time absolute favourite ingredients. It produces real results in terms of age correction and protects against future damage. This is the perfect product to introduce in your 20s or if you’re building up retinol tolerance. 

Pro tip

Start by introducing this serum to your nightly routine 2-3times a week and work your way up to every night. You start any time, but I recommend upping retinol in your mid-20s. 

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Key Ingredients 

  • Retinol Complex
  • 1% Ceramides
  • Vitamin C ester & Vitamin E
  • Panthenol &
  • Allantoin