CR homecare kit

R 2,390.00

Product Info

This 4-step homecare kit contains everything you need to treat distressed skin. The unique ingredient combination maintains overall skin health and helps to prevent future damage. 

Step 1 EXFO cleanse - Gentle exfoliating cleanser that removes makeup and impurities and prepares the skin for maximum product absorption. 

Step 2 ACTIVE formula -The potent formulation is specially developed at maximum strength to use as a home care skin resurfacing product that helps normalise all skin disorders and maintain overall results.

Step 3 CR active recovery - Targeted treatment that contains a combination of ingredients specifically formulated to calm irritated and inflamed skin. It deeply restores unhealthy skin. 

Step 4 POST recovery cream - Rich, emollient cream that hydrates and nourishes with potent antioxidants.




Apply in order every morning and evening. 

Apply SPF in the morning. 


Why I recommend it

This uncomplicated 4-step routine restores unhealthy and scarring with regular use. It is a hybrid system that treats chronic redness, breakouts and sensitive skin. It also keeps the skin hydrated and nourished.  As a minimalist therapist, this fits in perfectly with my philosophy of keeping your routine as simple yet effective as possible. 

Pro tip

I often prescribe this as my first line of defence against acne before moving to AC active recovery. 

Product Size

EXFO cleanse 100ml | ACTIVE formula 30ml | CR active recovery 30ml | POST recovery cream 50ml