Dermaheal Growth Factor Sheet Mask

By Lamelle

R 150.00

Product Info

This single-use sheet contains a high concentration of potent actives and has amazing age-correction properties. The key ingredients, like skin-specific growth factors, are locked in a serum formula and delivered directly onto the skin for targeted results. It also contains hyaluronic acid, which intensely hydrates and assists with skin healing by stimulating and accelerating cell reproduction. Aloe vera, known for its wound-healing properties, provides a cooling, soothing sensation while adding to the hydration action of this mask. Arbutin assists by reducing melanin formation during the inflammatory stage to prevent post-inflammatory pigmentation. It’s a perfect at-home solution for a compromised skin barrier and a radiance booster to add to your homecare routine. 


  • Remove the cut-out from the pouch
  • Gently unfold the mask and orientate it to the face. The Growth Factor sheet mask is cut out around the eyes, nose and mouth areas.
  • Smooth down the mask over face and remove air pockets by smoothing down from the centre of the face.
  • Leave on for 10 to 25 minutes 

Why I recommend it

I love multi-functional products like this that provide a range of benefits. I often use this in the clinic after treatments like needling or peeling, because of its soothing properties, but it’s also an excellent hydration and anti-ageing treatment.

Pro tip

Once the mask has been removed and discarded, the excess remaining serum can be used after removal or kept for additional application later.

Product Size

1 x pouch or packs of 4 

Key Ingredients