EXFO cleanse

R 510.00

Product Info

This effective cleanser is also an excellent exfoliator. It contains papain enzyme, which assists in loosening and removing dead or damaged skin cells. It has been specifically formulated with a combination of key ingredients that leaves the skin clean and hydrated. Lactobionic Acid is a film-forming polyhydroxy acid that has shown to be non-irritating with strong moisturization and water binding properties. Vitamin B5  has excellent anti-inflammatory properties as well as superior hydrating benefits. It also contains Rooibos extract, which is a particularly potent antioxidant. 


  • Use morning and evening as part of your homecare routine 

  • Apply a small amount to dry skin and massage in circular motions

  • When product gets sticky, wet fingers and work product into skin further for 2 minutes

  • Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water

Why I recommend it

It deep cleans your skin, leaving it in the perfect condition for the following products to penetrate and work their magic. Gentle enough for everyday use but powerful enough to thoroughly cleanse and hydrate. Works synergistically with pHformua’s skin resurfacing treatments and products.


Pro tip

Excellent to use as a wipe-on wipe-off eye make-up remover. It can also be used as an exfoliating mask: Leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. 

Product Size

100 & 200 ml


  • Lactobionic acid

  • Rooibos extract 

  • Vitamin B5 

  • Urea 

  • Papain enzyme