HELIOCARE 360º - Airgel SPF 50

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Product Info

This groundbreaking sunscreen combines anti-ageing properties with potent sun protection while key ingredients work to revitalise the skin. The formula shields the skin from the entire solar radiation spectrum — from visible light to infrared radiation, making it one of the most effective forms of sun protection to date. 

Heliocare's star ingredient, Fernblock®+, is an antioxidant derived from a tropical fern native to Central America. Its ability to neutralise free radicals and repair damaged DNA with unique regenerative properties stands out. The inclusion of Glycosylases DNA damage repair enzymes further reinforces the skin's natural repair mechanisms, preventing cell damage. The formulation also includes green tea, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E, working synergistically to safeguard against oxidative stress and the detrimental effects of pollution. The Bioshield System employs biomimetic melanin and mirrors melanocytes, doubling the strength of the skin's natural melanin.

  • Apply every morning as part of your homecare routine or 30 minutes before sun exposure
  • Re-apply after sweating, swimming and when you spend prolonged time outdoors


Why I recommend it

This is everything you need from a sunscreen. I love multi-beneficial products, and this product provides not only superior sun protection but also anti-ageing benefits while repairing the skin.  

It is also very popular for darker skin types as it does not leave a white or grey film

Pro tip

This is an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts or athletes spending ample time outside. 

Product Size

60 ml

Key Ingredients