MELA Cream

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This targeted cream is specifically formulated to minimise pigmentation and promote an even skin tone. Dermaceutic mela cream contains all ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help reduce hyperpigmentation and dark marks. Niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, is a lightening agent that inhibits the transfer of melanosomes. It is also known to help to decrease the appearance of skin redness. Salicylic and mandelic acids make the outer skin cells less “sticky” by breaking down the fats that hold them together, leading to excellent exfoliation. Phytic acid is a lightening agent and provides amazing antioxidant benefits, while retinol boosts collagen production to combat signs of photoaging and improves skin texture. 


  • Apply to clean, dry skin over the entire face, but focus specifically on the pigmented areas
  • Use in the evening only
  • Avoid the eye contour area
  • Use with a high-quality, broad-spectrum SPF


Why I recommend it

Key ingredients include a unique balance of 9 highly concentrated pigmentation-reducing active ingredients that provide incredible results. This is the perfect product for anyone who’s battling hyperpigmentation. 


Pro tip

Use consistently for three months to see amazing results.


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Key Ingredients 



Salicylic & mandelic acids

Phytic acid

Liquorice extract