MD POST recovery cream

R 720.00

Product Info

This rich cream contains ingredients that give maximum hydration with superior anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. It contains Hyaluronic Acid that provides increased moisture. It is suitable for all skin types and alleviates dryness immediately while allowing the skin to breathe. It also contains Panthenol which strengthens the skin barrier function and enhances wound healing.


  • Use morning and evening as part of your homecare routine. 

  • Apply over other pHformula active prescription products or serums for extra hydration and protection.

Why I recommend it

It supports your skin by keeping it optimally hydrated. The POST recovery cream is the perfect moisturiser to combine with pHformula’s skin resurfacing treatments. It provides the nourishment that gives your skin the extra glow factor. 

Pro tip

Use liberally after chemical peel treatments when flaking occurs. 

Product Size



  • Hyaluronic Acid

  • Panthenol

  • Liquorice Extract (Glycyrrhetinic Acid)

  • Lactobionic Acid