Skin Fit Body Buff Cloth

R 450.00

Product info

This deliciously textured, extra length cloth helps to buff and polish the skin, leaving it feeling like silk. Adding this to your shower routine means you can gently exfoliate your whole body (including your back) without the mess that often accompanies the coffee ground body scrubs. It’s easy to travel with and dries super fast. 


  • Use over the whole body, with or without shower gel. 

Why I recommend it

I love this so much that I imported it from Japan. It has a rough but fine texture and scrubs the skin without damaging it. Its length allows you to hang it over the shower to dry out completely and prevents the spread of bacteria. (Here’s to never using a lappie again!)

Pro tip

Use in combination with a tea tree body wash to buff your back if you struggle with the occasional breakout.

Product Size

1 x cloth