Something® for jetsetters

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Travelling is one of life’s most delightful luxuries. Still, those long hauls can leave you mentally and physically drained, taking a toll on your health. Something® for jetsetters is specifically formulated to fix the five most recurrent imbalances of the frequent flyer: jet lag, flight distress, poor digestion, weakened immune system and the occasional cheeky hangover. It comes in a perfect travel-size kit and contains all the essentials to keep you feeling fresh and radiant before, after and during your trip.


  • Use each component according to specific directions

Why I recommend it

As a frequent flyer and an unashamed travel addict, I’m well aware that flying can wreak havoc on your system. Something® for jetsetters lets you enjoy all the pros without the cons of exploring new places. 

Pro tip

For those struggling with flight anxiety, the Something® for dreaming spray helps with relaxation aids in  peaceful sleep (even in economy) 

Product Size

something® for dreaming - 1 spray x 30ml

something® for a mini-rehab - 10 capsules

something® for bloated tums - 10 tablets

something® for immunity - 2 shots x 15ml

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