SPOT ON moisture balance

R 710.00

Product Info

This moisturiser is fast-absorbing and lightweight, providing the ultimate hydration solution for young skins. Skin conditions that arise from hormonal changes during teenage years, like oily skin, excess sebum and enlarged pores, are effectively treated with targeted key ingredients. It contains Lentil seed extract - an active rich in oligosaccharides. The multi-action properties of this extract diminish the appearance of dilated pores in the skin and give a toned and refined skin texture. It also contains an NMF complex with mono- and di-saccharides combined with amino acids to keep young skin healthy and naturally hydrated. 


  • Apply every morning and evening to clean, dry skin

Why I recommend it

When treating young skin, it’s important to use a product that is gentle yet effective. SPOT ON moisture balance provides optimum moisture while controlling oil production, thereby curbing unnecessary breakouts. 

Pro tip

Use with pHformula FOAM cleanse and gel sunscreen.

Product Size

50 ml 


  • Lentil seed extract
  • NMF complex