SOS lip rescue

R 455.00

Product Info

This lip balm provides instant relief for dry, chapped or sore lips. The ingredients are specifically combined for soothing and treating broken skin. Key actives include salicylic acid with gentle exfoliating and anti-microbial properties and shea butter which is moisturizing and anti-inflammatory. The menthol in the formula is an organic compound derived from mint, which provides a refreshing action that helps itchiness, redness and sunburn.


  • Apply as often as needed to dry, chapped and sore lips

Why I recommend it

It contains bisabolol, an ingredient obtained from distilling the oil from chamomile flowers. Its superior healing properties make this ingredient ideal for treating delicate lips. 


Pro tip

Make a habit of applying it generously before bed as a preventive measure. 


Product Size

7 ml


  • Shea butter 

  • Bisabolol 

  • Salicylic Acid 

  • Retinyl 

  • Palmitate

  • Vitamin E 

  • Menthol